Why Mesology at Individualis


  • Measurement 80-100 electro-acupuncture points, so organs detailed can be measured
  • Measurement vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes, food, supplements and regular medications
  • Measurement dosage of a supplement
  • Measurement if a supplement will work or not
  • A thorough consultation with much personal attention
  • Complete overview of a person, by combining knowledge, diagnostics and treatment with different complementary medicine
  • Treated many patients
  • Experience in regular health care  (read about Individualis Personally)
  • Much included in  consultation,  fixed price for consultation   (read  Price)



Pleasant Health



A great demand


Health care gets more expensive, people feel more responsible for their health. There is demand for trained complementary therapists.

Regular medicine has limitations and cannot treat all complaints.

Patients like a treatment without side effects. Mesology can offer this.


The question is why we become ill.

Every complaint has a cause. Symptoms do not lie.

Regular medicine is often engaged in disease, pathology. And is specialised in the treatment of acute medical conditions , births and operations.

Much can be treated, but they do not always take into account the individual needs. The origin of illness is not always addressed.


Mesology, is more focused on health.

How to stay healthier and prevent health complaints.  Complementary medicine is empirically. Evidence based. Based on centuries-long experiences of medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda are more focused on staying healthy.

Food and lifestyle are important to prevent illness.



Health is a continuous process



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