What is Mesology?


Every person is unique. Every person stands as an individual in life, in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and existential way.

Every person is different and so are all reactions in the human body.

Mesology treats every patient as an individual with respect for the self healing power of the body.

That is why I call my practice ‘Individualis’.


Mesology treats a wide range of comprehensible and incomprehensible chronic health complaints of everyone, young and old. It makes no sense to suppress symptoms. The body always finds a way to express them. Mesology understands the underlying cause of your complaint by combining various complementary medicine. Because of this also the symptoms are treated or reduced.


Mesology is a combination of regular medical knowledge, and knowledge of alternative medicine, like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Orthomolecular medicine.

Day and night the body is exposed to influences from outside and inside, so physical functions are hindered and complaints can be caused. It is the mesologist’s duty to understand and translate the patient’s complaints. The intention of Mesology is to recover balance in the human body.




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What is the mesologist’s education?


A mesologist has had an education in the basics of:


  • Anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda (philosophy, diagnosis and nutricion)
  • Homeopathy, herbal medicine and orthomolecular medicine
  • Electro Physiological Diagnosis (diagnostic examination)
  • Philosophy and psychology


Mesology is a five year HBO+ education. In addition there is a practical learning period required and a casestudy or thesis. Also a Medical Basic Knowledge Education is required. Mesology is a registered profession. Qualified mesologists are registered in the Register for Mesology (RM) and are a member of the NVVM, (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Mesologie). (The Dutch Association of Mesologists).

This Association arranges (among other things) the complaints procedure, the professional ethics and the disciplinary jurisdiction. There are requirements for extra trainings and practice.

They are also a member of the RBCZ, an umbrella organisation.


What is the meaning of Mesology?


Mesology means : “in the middle”. It stands in between regular medicine and alternative medicine. It is derived from the word “mesoderm”, in embryology called the mid bowel, the part from which originate the connective tissue, the heart and blood vessels and the immune system. In the mesoderm, the connective tissue, is the Basic-Bio Regulating-System, in which our most important life processes take place. The Viennese histologist and embryologist professor Pischinger has discovered this system. His work led to a model of the BBRS, called by Pischinger “Grundsystem”. In the Netherlands cell biologist dr. R. van Wijk en  co-workers from the University of Utrecht have done much research in this field. The BBRS connects the cells.

All our organs are connected with this BBRS. Vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters, etc. are exchanged here. Waste products are transferred from the cells to leave the body by tiny blood vessels and the lymph system.

When a stressor comes from outside or inside, a reaction takes place in this system.

The body reacts, adapts and recovers the balans. Sometimes the body can not recover the balance anymore and a disbalans is formed, a dysfunction. A chronic complaint can be caused.

A complaint tells a (hi)story  and often the underlying cause is a disbalans.

Mesology often is focused on the mesoderm en persues to discover the disfunction(s) and to recover the right balance between the different functions of the body.



More information about Mesology you can also find at www.mesologie.nl

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