Adults       Intake and first consultation     120 euro

Adults       follow up consultations            100 euro


Children to 12 years   intake and first consultation and follow up consultations  100 euro


If you would like to test much medication, supplements or food, the consultation is done in 2 parts.

Part 1 (intake and first consultation)  120 euro

Part 2 (1 hour of testing and the results) 30 euro


The consultation is preferably paid in cash



The consultation at Individualis includes:


  • interview (intake forms that you filled in and medical history
  • Mesologic Nutritional advice
  • Interim email questions


Guidelines for the consultation price were drawn up by the professional association NVVM and RM. The price is also determined by the equipment, test sets, upgrading and refresher courses, time spent, etc.



Ordering supplements and insurance


You can order the recommended supplements yourself at a drugstore or a pharmacy.

Individualis does not sell supplements from practice and has no income from it.


Individualis works together with the Huizer apotheek (pharmacy), which gives you a 10% discount on the advised supplements.

Through the Huizer pharmacy you pay the standard recommended price for your supplements. These will be delivered to your home within a few days (with standard shipping costs).

The invoice from the Huizer pharmacy meets all reimbursement conditions of the insurance companies. Your insurer often reimburses your supplements if you are insured for additional medical expenses and your policy states that supplements are also reimbursed.

Order from the Huizer apotheek (or Natuurapotheek Dynamis) is also recommended if you use regular medication in addition to the Mesological treatment. Because the pharmacy always checks for interactions.


De Roode Roos also sells supplements, except homeopathy and schussler salts. De Roode Roos gives a 20% discount. The supplements are delivered (with standard shipping costs).



Cancelling appointment


If you cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance, when you are unable to attend,

the reserved time will not be charged. If not, I am allowed to charge 50 euro.

It sometimes happens that patients do not come on an appointment without calling off. This is annoying for planning and another patient who perhaps then had been given the appointment.  Ofcourse I take into account unexpected circumstances.





Mesology at Individualis is often compensated partially by the additional insurance.

This means:

No deductible appeal

No referral from the GP needed


The practice has been recognized by and affiliated with the NVVM and RM

The practice is affiliated with the RBCZ in the HBO register


The practice is in the "Compare and select" (Vergelijk en Kies) register, this means that the VGZ group, IZZ and VGZ (partially) reimburse the consultations.


An increasing number of insurance policies cover a Mesology consultation partially.

Sometimes you are better off without additional insurance.

By way of examination and treatment, a treatment is every 8-12 weeks. Often the symptoms are resolved or reduced after 3-5 treatments.


You can check for fees; look at the links below or your insurance.


Mesologie vergoedingen.pdf





The practice is affiliated with the RBCZ and SCAG. These organizations ensure a legal complaint regulation and disputes committee. The NVVM has a complaint regulation and complaints officer.


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Individualis does everything needed to fully comply with legal and regulatory requirements of the AVG law (The European Privacy law), so your privacy is guaranteed.


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