Everyone has his sources of inspiration. There are several people who have inspired me in my life. From early on I knew I wanted to give people love and comfort. Now this takes form by working as a mesologist. But also by writing and singing I can give this.


A person who has inspired me is Nana Mouskouri. My parents listened to her music when I was little. I still think she's a great singer who can convey so much emotion, and is a fascinating personality.


I love Nana because she is versatile, a great talent and experience, she has a special sound and she is kind to her fans.

She sings in more than 12 languages. In different styles, from opera, jazz, pop, chanson, (Greek) folk songs, schlager, country, etc. She can sing anything. She has more than 350 gold records and all the awards and honors that you can get in a lifetime. She is one of the best-selling recording artists in the world. In every continent they know her.


She also works for UNICEF. She and her songs are for me hope, love and comfort.

Her message is positivity, freedom, honesty and authenticity. She never wanted to take off her glasses because she wanted to remain herself. That authenticity you see in her interviews, documentaries and books.


She shows that you're never too old. And old voices can be beautiful.

She has a new album and starts a new world tour, The Forever Young Tour. *


Nana has advised me to sing my lyrics. And I'm very grateful for her advice. She passed on her passion to me.



Nana's quotes:


"The most Important in life is not what we do, but why and how we do it."


"Ï do believe that if you have not learned about sadness, you cannot appreciate happiness".


"It's nice to look good, but the most important thing is to be you."


"We need friends, not enemies"   *





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