For Whom is Mesology


Mesology is for young and old, and a wide variety of complaints.

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Mesology and Nutrition

Not everyone can eat the same food. Because each person is different, therefore reacts and consumes each person differently. Each has its own unique metabolism. Mesology can help to identify food intolerances or allergies, with electro-physiological diagnostics. I can also make, as a mesologist,  a personal nutrition advice for you,based on your Ayurvedic body type and complaints.


Mesology for Children

Children are very pure in body and mind. They do not have accumulated over the years stress, an unhealthy diet, other traumas and environment factors. The immune system of children is not yet fully grown, making them susceptible to infection. That may be normal unless these infections often recur and the child does not seem to overcome. If a child is always sick, tired or not happy, the system can be overloaded. With Mesology we can search for the underlying cause of the symptoms and support the body. So your child can cope itself with bacteria, viruses, etc.


Mesology for Elderly

It is often said, "that is because of your age, you just have to live with it." That's not always true. We all age. All kinds of problems can arise due to aging and degeneration. Many diseases have a common cause, namely degeneration. Artrosis, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and cardiovascular diseases are caused by degeneration and overload. Research and experience show that degeneration can be slowed by diet, lifestyle and supplements. A varied and complete nutrition with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and to stay active as long as possible, physically and mentally, makes a difference. Then often people  need less medication. Also, people stay young longer if they have a passion in life, that makes them happy.

A good  relationship between body and mind makes you look good.

As we age, our body's needs change.

Mesology can examine what your body needs and support it, because that is for each person differently. So you can remain vital as long as possible.

If you take medication, it has side effects. With Mesologie it is often possible to reduce side effects. When using supplements, the correct dose can be measured. And  measure whether the supplement is suitable for you person personally.  As a Mesologist I also have knowledge of interactions between medications and supplements, so we can forecome those.


Mesology as prevention

Life in our (Western) society demands a lot from us. We live with stress, hectic, trauma, air pollution and reduced vitamin and mineral status by our diet, lifestyle and impoverished soil, so healthy food has less quality than before.

Many people eat more and more ready-made meals and packaged food.

Mesologic examination can detect early impairment of organs, which may  subsequently prevent serious problems.

Often symptoms already occur in childhood. By construction and a build up (for years) of  diet, lifestyle, stress and trauma symptoms occur. They are evident and we get affected when aging. An older body is less able to compensate symptoms. If we work on our health at young (er) age, we will get less complaints when aging.

Mesology can help you discover if your organ systems and body are in balance. And if not, where the weak points are in your body. Mesology looks at a broad way, from the perspectives of different medicine to you.

As a Mesologist I can, together with you, make a plan and advice for your health.


Mesology for women

The nutritional needs of women change as they grow older and go through different cycles.  The need for nutrients and supplements changes when women use the contraceptive pill. Women who are menstruating need other supplements than women who are in menopause. Pregnancy and lactation require a lot of the body and make higher demands on diet and lifestyle. Often there are supplements needed.

Many women are deficient in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fats because they eat low-calorie food and all sorts of diets. Also shortages are  caused by stress, combining a job with family and household (or other personal pursuits).

Often they are  lacking peace and time to cook a nutritious meal and eat.

As a Mesologist I can examine what you need, and make a personal advice for you as a woman.


Mesology men

Men often pay less attention to their health than women, especially how it is affected by lifestyle and diet. They often have less interest in taking supplements. The increased stress, hectic and the need to perform can cause problems at work. Also, being always on the move affects health. Many sports, or sports at a high level, require a lot of the body, also the body has less time to recover. Therefore also in men shortages of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fats can occur. Like many people, there is lacking rest and time to cook a nutritious meal and eat.

Often men have "men complaints" such as fertility problems or prostate problems.

As a Mesologist I can examine what you need, and make a personal advice for you as a man.


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