How is a consultation with Individualis?


You can make an appointment, preferably by email

Or you can call 06-10328057.


You can already download the intake forms or print out the forms.(Also under the tab Intake Forms)

You can fill in the forms digitally and email them, or print and send them by regular mail.

They are questionnaires, providing the mesologist understanding about  your symptoms and medical history.


The comfortable and accessible research methodology consists of the following components:


A consultation is built up as following:

  • Inventory of your complaints and medical history
  • Pulse- and tongue examination according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda  (to take the pulse and to look at your tongue)
  • Electro- Physiological Diagnosis. A diagnostic measuring of 80 to 100 points, mainly at the hands and feet (without needles)
  • Examination of the body, like joints, skin and abdominal organs
  • Measuring of vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes and food
  • Measuring dosage of a supplement



The combination of these different methods, clarifies the cause of the complaint.

In consultation with you, Individualis makes an individual treatment plan, with advice on the use of medicines, such as homeopathy, vitamins, minerals, gemmotherapy, herbs and about food and lifestyle.  Also referring to other forms of therapy may be part of the opinion.


A consultation takes approximately 1.5 - 2.5 hours, depending on the symptoms and the findings of research.

A follow-up consultation takes place after 8 weeks. Also then, a full consultation is done to monitor progress and improvement and to adjust the therapy.

If desired, you can get a report from the first consultation.


It is important that you:

  • take with you your medication and supplements you use daily
  • do not use cream on your hands and feet, which complicates the measurement
  • are able to walk a staircase, the practice is on the 1st floor.

(Please contact me if you can not do this, we will find another solution)

Many complaints can be resolved or diminished in 3 to 5 consultations, depending on the duration of the complaint, age and therapy compliance.



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