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My name is Linda Krick. Born in 1971.

My passion lies in helping people with unexplained and / or chronic complaints. That is possible with Mesology. From when I was 18 years old I worked as a doctor’s assistant. In hospitals and nursing homes, and the longest in general practice.  There I discovered that doctors do lifesaving work. But there were too many patients with unexplained or chronic symptoms that could not be helped. For any kind of medicine has its limitations.

As a result I became interested in Mesology. Because Mesology gives a broad overview of a patient. It offers many opportunities and space to meet someone as individual and  involve all aspects in the treatment. I like to put all "pieces" in place and see the big picture.

I've been ill for several years, so I personally have experienced the effect of Mesology.


During my work as a doctor's assistant and my studies as a mesologist, I have gained knowledge of human nature, by having contact with so many different people. I also have experience with older people. I am creative in finding solutions and adjustments, because I often had to think along with patients in finding practical and emotional solutions. These years I see as “a school of life”, so now I can run my own practice.

Through my personal experiences and illness I see the importance of patience, empathy and connection.


Great passions are singing and writing and music. And walking in nature.

Occasionally I make a painting. I write poetry and lyrics. I wrote my first song that I can sing myself.

It makes me happy, I can express my emotions into it and it gives my life direction. Creativity and music can have a healing, because it makes people happy and has a special effect in the brains. It is the best cure for stress. This I would like to pass on to other people. It's all in development, and I want to do much more with it. Therefore I show in this personal section of the website, a number of paintings, poems and lyrics.

This is how I show you a part of myself as a personality and in my creative work.



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Linda Krick


I like to see possibilities instead of limitations.

I always see ways to improve.





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